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Our Mission: Helping Children Look Themselves and Live Their Best Life!

Hello and thank you for visiting. Tresses of care is an organization that helps children obtain wigs at no cost.

When children and adolescence  lose their hair, they don’t just suffer physically. The change in their appearance can drastically alter their self-image and sabotage their entire self-esteem


The founder Ty felt that children should not have to worry about their appearance due to hair loss. Experiencing hair loss due to medical reasons including but not limited to alopecia, radiation therapy, ChemotherapyTrichotillomania, burns and more.  Ty wants children and adolescence to focus on keeping up the fight and living their best life.


Although we are ecstatic about what research has to offer. We at Tresses of Care are more focused on the "here and now". Ultimately, we want to help children restore "quality of life."


Within the healing process because image can be everything. We desire to help by providing beautiful illusions to the approved  children: so they can psychologically feel better. We want children focusing on fighting Cancer and alopecia and not worrying about their hair and self image. We are here to help children take care of that minor issue such as hair.

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