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Sponsor A Child

Remember when we were kids? it was amazing yet trying. The smallest detour can derail a child’s well- being and self-esteem. As adults, skin thickened by whatever life throws at you enables us to deal with criticism of our flaws.

Most children haven’t yet cultivated that inner strength. Hair is not just connected to their scalp – it is connected to their well-being as an individual.

Annual Sponsorship and Monthly Pledge

Through our Sponsor A Child, you can help children in need of a Hair Replacement. The child you sponsor will receive a Tresses of Care Hair Replacement cranial prosthesis (wig) designed specifically for them at no cost. Your sponsorship will cover their Hair Replacement System as well as products, glam squad, services and support, and allow them to face the mirror effortlessly – and life – head-on.​​

​Children helped through Sponsor A Child and our hair donation program may all be treated for different periods of time, depending on each child’s case and special needs. Some with autoimmune diseases, such as Alopecia, are treated by Tresses of Care until they reach age 18, while other children with temporary hair loss due to chemotherapy or radiation therapy may only need treatment for a couple of years.​

Monthly Pledge (12 Reoccurring Monthly Payments)​

One Time Donation:

To thank you for your sponsorship, you will receive Tresses of Care update which chronicle the heartwarming progress of children whose lives have been transformed through the Sponsor A Child program – and your help.

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